Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ms. Fenty... sit down!

It's hard to believe I started this blog a little less than a year ago with a Rihanna concert... and here I am seeing another one already. Bitch wasted no time hitting the road again. Butwhatever, Riri puts on a fun show; catchy songs, trashy costumes, half-naked male dancers, weave flinging... all the basic essentials. I honestly preferred her last tour, simply because the setlist was better, but I still had fun. One pro going for this show? It was far sleazier. I think it only took her twenty seconds to drop her ass and start humping the floor... and the "Darling Nikki/S&M/Skin" bondage themed section was a nice touch. Another pro? Way better seats, right next to the left stage/platform. I could have thrown my underwear at her. Maybe next time!

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