Friday, June 3, 2011

Latest celebrity obsession...

I love January Jones on Mad Men (although Betty is certainly a take her/leave her type of character). But after watching January in other roles (Unknown, X-Men: First Class, her stint on SNL), it's occurred to me that she's not a very good actress. I take that back... she's not a bad actress per se... more of an anti-actress. It's almost as if she can't bring herself to truly give a shit or commit to a character. I find her blatant indifference hilarious.

And you know what really fascinates me about Ms. Jones? THE FACT THAT NO ONE KNOWS WHO HER BABY DADDY IS! One thing you need to know about me, I am incredibly NOSY. I admit it up front, no shame. JJ is a glamazon Maury Povich episode. I love it, bitch is five months pregnant and will not tell people who the father is. What is she hiding!? My suspicion... she's a homewrecker and doesn't want to reveal it publicly.

She's gorgeous, has a name straight out of a James Bond movie, doesn't give a shit about her day job (judging by her performances) and is knocked up with a secret love child. How can I not be obsessed? And did I mention the boobs? I may be gay, but I dig a killer rack. Here's a clip of her sleepwalking through her latest role in the new X-men film. Notice that she's doing all of her acting with her eyelids... that's talent.

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  1. I completely agree with you. She fascinates me, yet I don't like her acting. It must be her coolness. I like blondes.