Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello, HI

Hot damn! So as mentioned in a previous post, I'm gonna use the $1500 I won in April to go to HI. I leave Wednesday for a week-and-a-half vacay and it couldn't have come at a better time. My usual wardrobe consists of jeans, boots and (pick any dark color) t-shirt... so I used this as an excuse to get a brand new summer wardrobe (honestly, I went overboard). I've got my sunscreen, flips and trunks and I'm ready to do this thing! The only solidified plan I've made is a day-long tour of Maui... I'm gonna wing the rest. I'm so tired of touristy vacations that end up being exhausting, this is my sit on the beach and not do a damn thing vacation.

Here's me trying to get a little sun before I leave. There's no getting around it, I will be burnt to a crisp by the time this is over. Uh-oh, nipple shot!


  1. well, um HI!
    But cool is that!?!!!!

    I'm guessing you're there now in fact....sunning yourself in Maui. Wow!

  2. I'm still in PA unfortunately, just sunning on my deck. I am too pale to hit up HI without a little tan first.

  3. drat! I got my Wednesdays confused I guess.
    Still, you have more than enough time to get crispy by then.

    I've never been there....can't wait to hear about it.

  4. I bet the other nipple looks just as nice.