Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hawaii... cont.

As I've stated previously, I'm not a big picture taker. Hell, I don't even own a camera (aside from the one on my phone). Here's a few random pics from my vacation in HI taken by my friends. FYI, these do not do this trip justice.

First off, the condo we stayed in was ridiculously nice. It was only 25 feet to the beach from the back door. And no lie, the first thing I saw when I looked in the water was sea turtles eating off of the rocks. Seriously... fucking sea turtles in the backyard. All I have are squirrels in PA. We did quite a bit of snorkeling on the trip, once on a tour and on our own at a few beaches. There were tons of beautiful fish and coral to see and swimming with the sea turtles was fun. We did an all day tour/hike of the island, through the rainforest and mountains, saw various beaches (black sand, red sand...), waterfalls, animal life, etc. Also took a trip to a dormant volcano/crater. But most of the time was spent relaxing on the beach, soaking up the rays (i.e. getting burnt to hell and back).

Sunset in the backyard

Me getting burnt to a crisp on the back deck

Me exploring one of the black sand beaches. I went on a mini hike, there was a kick ass cave

Random pics of the rainforest and beach

Me and a random chicken, lmao. It just ran out of the woods and expected me to feed it

Here's a pic of the crater/volcano from the summit. Notice the clouds beneath us, that's how high we had to go. It was an ear-popping good time

Looking tired as hell after an afternoon of snorkeling

And of course there was a Luau. Here's me and some peeps getting our drink on


  1. I bet sea turtles don't sing outside your window at 5am either.

  2. beautiful!

    And that chicken is trying pretty hard, but she can't photobomb you. I think you photobombed her, in fact.

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fantastic looking place, Nathan!

    I'm so jealous since I've never been to Hawaii....yet!

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us!