Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birds: the sequel

What in the flying holy hell is it with me and birds? Today I decide to read out on my deck, when out of nowhere, this creepy/diseased looking bird lands down in front of me and starts screeching. I'm of course thinking WTF? It proceeds to come at me so I swat at it... well, that just seemed to make it angrier. It went into full swoop/screeching mode, I swear to God it tried to follow me in to my house to finish me off. I AM DONE with birds.

Here's a pic of the stupid bird. Look at it giving me the stank eye. 

UPDATE: No fucking lie, the bird is standing on my front porch, staring at me through my glass door. What the... 


  1. Yikes.
    I have but one word for you, my friend:

  2. Nathan,
    That looks like a baby starling bird. He/she probably thinks you're his mother. She/he's hungry. Feed the poor thing.

  3. Hungry for blood!

    I tried to give it crackers (which was all I had), but it didn't want them. It just kept shrieking at me.

  4. Seriously though, it probably is a baby starling that wants some half digested worms or pupua which you probably don't have in your cabinet. Its mother was probably nearby. But maybe she was accidentally killed by a car. Anything could have happened. But baby starlings are pretty ugly and aggressive.

  5. Yeah... I was fresh out of half-digested worms that day :o)

  6. Nathan!


    Perhaps there's a nest nearby and that's the mother trying the protect it?

    That or the bird thinks you're cute!