Sunday, May 22, 2011

Belated Marathon Post

Alright, I've been waiting for a week for my damn pics for this post and they still haven't arrived. So screw it! If they eventually come, I'll just update.

The half-marathon was a success and surprisingly fun (which I did not expect, I pictured myself crossing the finish line and dying). All of my fellow VZW runners met up at the office around 4:30AM (yikes) and carpooled downtown. It was of course raining the entire time, but it was raining just enough to keep everyone cool, I guess you could call it a misty drizzle. There were hotties everywhere, and shirtless hotties at that. Put your clothes on! The crowd cheering us on was ridiculously motivational and there were bands scattered throughout the race to help pump us up.

The biggest lesson learned? Go in the woods! At around mile eight, I really had to pee and couldn't hold it any longer. They have port-o-potties scattered throughout the run, but the lines are soooo long. The two times I had to piss during the race added twenty minutes to my time, ridiculous! And waiting in line screwed up my pace, I didn't run as smoothly after that first br break. Next time, I'm going behind a tree or using it as motivation to finish faster.

After you cross the finish line, they give you a medal (pictured horribly above hanging on the doorknob) and a bunch of hoopla. The crew and I walked down the street and hit up Bettis' (stinky and all) for a good time. I really enjoyed myself and think I'm a little bit addicted, I've already signed up for another one in September.


  1. You're a funny guy Nathan with a natural talent for writing. My partner Bill discovered your blog this morning (without my prompting). He said "Here, look at this. This guy is funny!" I had to tell him that I already "discovered" you. You're a treasure Nathan. And oh, next time you have to pee in while running the marathon, you pee running. Everyone knows that. Even rock stars pee while they're performing. No one cares. No need to be fastidious at times like that.

  2. Pee running?
    Hmmm...who knows....maybe that'd give you some more velocity, who knows.

    But Congrats! You're inspiring run...or maybe just to get off the couch. Not sure which.