Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not easy being cheesy...

I'm back from Philly! I promised awful tourist photos and I tried my best to deliver. Whenever I'm in travel mode, I seek out the stupidest photo-ops possible. In other words, if there's a giant jackalope... I'm riding it.

Swoop and I! This thing was creepy as all get out... still felt up his ass though.

I pray to God that this was a Ben Franklin impersonator, otherwise... he's just a really bad dresser.

The Liberty Bell, how cliche!

Mom, me and some guy named Rocky.

Me riding a tortoise, why the hell not? That rhino is throwing shade though... can't blame him, I still have bedhead.


  1. Nathan,
    You look like a lot of fun. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Philly.

  2. First time we've seen that a cute smile of yours. Nice.

  3. That's really the liberty bell!? Cool.
    But it looks so small.

    But, in other news, ummm...nice bird.

  4. Yeah, I was surprised by how small the bell was too.

    That bird was creepy as HELLLLL. Nice tush though.