Friday, April 1, 2011

Brotherly Love? But I'm an only child...

Momzilla has to attend some kind of conference in Philadelphia next week, so I'm going to drive over and spend the week. This shit better be fun... that's all I'm saying. I'm sure we'll do all of the normal touristy crap, maybe hop over to NY for a bit. I'm hideous at blogging when I'm busy (as the month of March can attest), so I'll try to take tons of embarrassing photos to post when I get back.

FYI, I'm terrible when it comes to taking pictures. I've never owned a camera not attached to a cellphone in my life.


  1. Nathan,
    Enjoy your trip to Philly. I always enjoy my trips. After having worked and lived there in the Best of Times (the Sixties and Seventies), visiting always brings back fond memories. Did you take the LOVE picture? You want to take good pictures? Get an iPhone. I takes great pictures and you don't have to lug around camera and camera bag. While in Philly stop in Woody's for lunch. You can't go wrong there. Tell them I said "Hi!"

  2. My hotel was right by Woody's! I never made it though, I was hanging with my mom the entire time. As big a faghag as she is, I'm not quite sure about going with her to a gay bar.