Thursday, March 3, 2011


I just have not had the energy or inspiration to write a blog post lately. I feel like such a lazy bum blogger! I'm in an exhausting place in my life right now, still trying to figure out my new job (which has not come easily unfortunately) and I've stepped up the marathon training big time. Running long distance is fucking hard, far more than I ever thought it would be. I guess it comes easier to some people. My trainer keeps telling me it will get better, but I'm seriously starting to wonder if I'm built to be a runner. Either way I'm gonna keep plugging... I spent hard earned cash registering for that marathon! I'm getting my money's worth. 

I have a 5K later this month that I'm not worried about. But that run in May... it's creeping me out. FYI, I tend to worry about stupid shit far in advance, so forgive my whining. Like, what do you do with your keys, wallet and phone while your running? How do I get back to my car after I've finished? Will people secretly judge me if I have to stop and walk? Yeah, like I said, stupid shit.

The training alone has been worth it though. I've lost 21 pounds so far and I'm in far better shape than before. Here's hoping I make some huge strides over the next two months.

Me on a conference call at work, trying to figure out what in the holy hell these people are talking about. I do love rocking my Janet Jackson in "Control" headset.

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