Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Show me the Monáe!

I know, I know... terrible pun in the title... anyway! 

I've had Janelle Monáe's singles on my iPod for quite sometime ("Cold War" and "Tightrope" were two of my fav songs of 2010), but I never got around to downloading her entire album. After she slayed at the Grammy's this weekend I had to check out the rest. I'm in love! Her album does have issues; it could be trimmed by a few tracks and some of her more experimental tracks don't quite gel, but it's a pretty impressive and expansive body of work. I'm a sucker for her ballads ("Oh, Maker," "Sir Greendown," "57821"), but the uptempos are nothing to sneeze at. She's emerging as a promising video artist as well, I love the deconstructive approach she takes on "Cold War." And definitely check out the vid for "Tightrope," bitch has style and moves. I'd post it, but embedding has been disabled (seriously? in this day and age?)

Speaking of "Tightrope," anyone who can rhyme alligators, rattlesnakers, flavor, terminator and equivocating in a song verse gets huge props in my book.

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