Saturday, February 12, 2011

O'Hare... we meet again!

Same shit, different day! I had a layover at O'Hare in Chicago... and it was a disaster once again. I've talked about my issues with this cursed place in a previous post, so no surprises. My plane landed and there were no available gates. Over an hour went by on the tarmac and my connection to Pittsburgh had already left. They finally let me off... only to direct me to the neverending customer service line to get my flight re-booked. Long story short, no flights are leaving until the afternoon, so they gave me a free night at the Crowne Plaza and a meal voucher. It could be worse!

The bad part, they wouldn't give me my luggage. Pictured above is the fearful expression of a gay man with no hair product, deodorant or clean underwear. I'll be rocking it au natural I guess.


  1. Nathan!


    Well you are talking about my hometown so maybe I'm biased on this one.

    Just be thankful that your flight wasn't a week before this when the blizzard hit Chicago!

    Don't give up on The Windy City just yet!


  2. I love Chicago!

    However... your airport? Not so much.