Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cinema Intervention

My name is Nathan... and I have a problem. I am a trashy movie-aholic.

I love movies, big-budget, indie, foreign, classic, arthouse, Lifetime, garbage, whatever... but I think I hit rock-bottom tonight. My pixie-friend Kristy asked me to go see The Roommate and I just couldn't say no. I spent eight of my hard-earned dollars to sit in a theater full of tweens, all to watch a movie that featured a cast member from every single fucking show on The CW (I am not lying, I recognized cast members from at least five CW shows). And the movie? Holy crap was it terrible, which of course I knew before going in! I will give the film this much, there were quite a few unintentionally hilarious moments. And Leighton Meester tried, she really did. But it was still just a crappy teen version of Single White Female.

Speaking of Single White Female, I just bought it on DVD with a giftcard I got for my b'day... see, I can't help myself! I won't even mention the other films I bought with my giftcard, but I will say that most of them were inspired by the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought..." scroll at the bottom of the Amazon SWF page. I'll let you guess which ones....



  1. Was one of them Point of No Return? Good companion piece...they're both great in a laughable sort of way. What happened to Bridget Fonda, anyway? She married Danny Elfman & disappeared. Hopefully Quentin Tarantino will cast her in something & re-launch her career one of these years.

  2. Point Of No Return wasn't one of them... but believe me, it very easily could have been (love that movie).

    And I love me some Bridget Fonda. She needs to hit that comeback trail ASAP.

  3. Last Sunday I saw "No Country For Old Men" on DVD from my Netflix account in the comfort of my own bedroom on my widescreen TV with surround sound. The only way to see movies these days for me unless it is a movie like "Avator" where I wanted to see it in 3-D, which I did THREE TIMES in the theat-tah.