Friday, February 4, 2011

Bouter & Awl

I think it's time for me to talk about my love for all things Paula Deen. As a fellow Southerner and also a fellow Georgian, what can I say? The heffalump tickles my fancy! She's not afraid to talk about the most important things in life; bacon, grease, deep-frying, and of course her favorite ingredients bouter and awl (that's butter and oil for those who speak proper English). The fact that she isn't the size of a house is damn-near a miracle. I'll leave you with two Deen bits. First up is a video of her making her infamous doughnut hamburger. What makes it so hilarious is that it's been slowed-down and ominous music has been added. Who knew Paula could be so menacing in slo-mo?

And BY FAR the funnier of the two to me... her recipe for English Peas over at As if the recipe itself wasn't enough on it's own, it calls for canned peas and a pot (and of course half-a-stick of bouter). But the consumer reviews! Holy shit at the consumer reviews. There's over 200 of them and they are gut-wrenchingly hilarious. You should definitely take some time to peruse.

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  1. I liked Paula Deen the first time I saw her. You have good taste. She does too.