Sunday, February 20, 2011

And the lucky winner is... Lucky!

Consider Mission 2011 accomplished! After much perusing, digging and stuffing I finally found a decent pair of jeans. The trophy goes to Lucky Brand. A few things I've learned on this excursion, #1) I'm too old for this shit. Every store I went to had funky stitching, bleaching, fringe, patches, etc. I need a normal/classic pair of jeans for work. I refuse to walk into the office with patterns on my ass. Lesson #2) I'm really too old for this shit. It was my intention to hit up every store in the tri-state area, but after cramming my ass into several dozen different jeans, I petered out at store number six.

I have to give major props to Lucky, the people in the store were helpful in finding exactly what I wanted. Plus, their jeans are very simple and classic, they save the cheekiness for the inside of the pants. The rivets, which look normal on the outside have a yin/yang base on the inside. The pocket liners are covered with four-leaf clovers. And my favorite part? When you open the button fly, there's a tag on the right side that says "Lucky You" (on the inside, the tag says "Lucky Me"). I hope all the fellas that have the pleasure of unbuttoning my jeans in the future agree.


  1. That tag is awfully cute, I have to admit.

  2. haha, I had a pair of those in high school.
    I ran into similar problems and now I only buy
    Levis 511's and sometimes have them altered.