Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vinter Vonderland

Growing up in the South, I never had the classic winter experiences that you always hear about. I've never been skiing, ice skating or sledding. I've never made a snow angel, had a snowball fight or written my name in pee in the snow... basically, I've been gypped! When I woke up today I made a vow, come hell or high water, I'm building a snowman! The snow did not want to cooperate this morning, simply would not stick. Thankfully it warmed up this afternoon and the snow started to get wet, perfect to mold me a man! Alright, let's be honest... he's busted as hell! He has a wonk-eye, his scarf does not match his measuring-cup hat and he has the kind of smile only a (blind and dead) mother could love. But not bad for a first try! FYI, his name is Matthias.

The only snow memory I really have... my mom would always make a batch of snow ice cream when we did get a little bit of the white stuff. Delicious! Leave it to us Southerners to make even snow fattening!

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  1. Not a bad snowman. I grew up in Pennsylvania (a suburb west of Philadelphia) so I've had plenty of "snow" experience. Believe me, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I thought I got away from it here in southern Delaware but last year and this year? I don't know.