Monday, January 24, 2011

Manic Monday

It has been such a broke bitch kind of Monday, I just can't help but laugh and take it all in stride. I woke up this morning (holy crap it was COLD!) and my truck would not start... no chug, no rumble, no turnover, nada. Hooty Hoo! A very good friend came by to jump me off so I could drive down to the car place. Moment of honesty; I don't know two shits about cars/trucks/bikes/rollerskates/skateboards/scooters ... basically anything with wheels. Wheels in my mind mean one thing, ACCIDENT. The same goes for horses... I have the stories to back it up, but we'll save those for a later post. 

Anyway! I've had this truck since 2004 and apparently I was due for a new battery a long time ago! I'm telling you, you really do learn something new everyday. So on my way back, I picked up some junk food and I'm going to veg out and work from home today. Thank Jebus I have that luxury (I usually don't do it because it makes me feel lazy). Prince knew exactly what he was talking about when he wrote "Manic Monday." Fun piece of trivia, he originally wrote it for Apollonia 6 (their demo of the song is pretty easy to find) before giving it to The Bangles.

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