Sunday, January 16, 2011

Five by five

I had to hit up Wally World today and caught a glimpse of my future self. The old man digging through the $5 DVD bin? That's me in 40 years... As a film-lover (and the proud holder of a BA in Film/Video) on a budget, the $5 DVD bin is like HEROIN, I simply cannot pass one without diving in. And there is no shame in my game, I will dump DVDs in my cart to get to the ones at the bottom. 

FYI, all $5 DVD bins are NOT created equal. Best Buy is top tier when it comes to the quality and range of films. Unfortunately, it's usually by the registers, to really get down and dirty you have to stand in everybody's way... but whatever, move aside! Target's is decent in terms of quality, but they have very few titles. Walmart's is a mixed bag, you have to dig to find those diamonds in the rough, but they have a wider selection than Target. Bottom of the barrel? Big Lots! They actually have a $3 bin(!), but the selection is TRASH (every Patrick Swayze movie ever made can be found).  

Of course, if this is all too much work for you, eBay always works in a pinch.  I think I need new hobbies...

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  1. Netflix used to sell their used DVD's. They don't anymore. I miss it.