Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Celebrity Hotass #1

I had a mini-marathon of Matt Dillon films the other day... why? Because he's a hotass! Well, I also think he's a damn fine actor and one of the more under-sung/under-used talents of his generation. Can't say that the blame isn't partially on him though, he has such a spotty record when it comes to picking scripts. The thing I love about him is that there's absolutely no vanity in his performances and no ham (that's directed at you Sean Penn!)

He's probably my ultimate celebrity crush, I've had a thing for him since before I even knew what sex was (I think I lost my virginity just watching him in Rumble Fish). I even dated a guy who looked like Matt Dillon for over a year. The ultimate ass-kicker; he was a drug addict who robbed pharmacies and eventually went on a methadone program... sound like a Matt Dillon movie? Yeah, I think I've seen Drugstore Cowboy one too many times. In my defense(!!!!), I didn't know about his criminal record until later in the relationship, but whatever, you live and you learn. Plus, having a complete and utter cluster-fuck relationship in your early 20's is a rite of passage.

I am so *DEAD* at this 30 year old clip (and his hair), but he was a teenage dream dammit.

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