Sunday, January 23, 2011

I would prefer two...

Caught up on a few films this weekend. First up, Blue Valentine. All of the hype surrounding Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams is well-founded, they act the hell out of this material. The flashbacks setting up their relationship are just... (I hate to use this word) sweet, not a single disingenuous moment. The final days of their marriage are just as effective. But something was missing... as stated, we get the beginning and the end, but no middle. Michelle Williams didn't need that arc so much, but Ryan Gosling's character did. The film was basically a string of superbly acted scenes with no strong story running through it, but I would still recommend it. And are you serious MPAA? I cannot believe they tried to give this an NC-17 because of the oral sex scene. Come out of the dark ages assholes.

I also caught I Love You Phillip Morris. What a whacked out/bizarre little film. I usually do not care for Jim Carrey, but this is by far his best performance. Such a despicable, off-the-charts unbelievable character, but he sold the hell out it. And Ewan McGregor played such an adorable little Southern bitch (who spits no less, for shame). I have a huge place in my heart for films that take dark material and play it with a lighthearted tone (the last film to pull that off well was Cheri a few years ago). It's a shame this got lost in the shuffle because of distributor issues, Jim Carrey deserves some serious recognition for this oddball performance.

Speaking of Jim Carrey, if you didn't catch him as D'Versity on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back... you missed out. He hits at 3:40 (most of the skit is awful). He has a voice made for quiet storm radio, who knew?


  1. Oh, side note...this was filmed in my least partly.
    So I had to see it...well, that and Ewan too.

    And you're was better than I thought it would be.

    Btw, nice blog you got here!