Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catorce going on Quince

Not long ago I was reading up on some biblical history and quite a few scholars believe the forbidden fruit may actually have been a quince. I'm a sucker for apples, even have an apple motif in my kitchen... so this stung a little. But I had to try a quince! So I picked one up at the store, cut it into quarters and took a huge bite. Little did I know, quinces are not supposed to be eaten raw, it tasted like styrofoam ass. Oh, the texture! Terrible, terrible texture. So, I researched it online and quinces are best eaten after being poached.

I poached one today in a cinnamon syrup I whipped up and it turned out pretty good. Very similar to a poached pear, but more fragrant. And the syrup left behind is delicious, that's going on my oatmeal tomorrow morning! Nom nom nom. As for a quince being the forbidden fruit, I just don't believe it. There is no way in hell Eve gave one to Adam to eat raw. And I also doubt she knew what the hell poaching even meant. I'm sticking with apples on this one.

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  1. ha! this is fantastic.
    Although, most girlfriends I
    know secretly love doing things
    like this to their boyfriends.