Monday, January 31, 2011


Once again I'm tardy for the party, one of my co-workers brought some Buckyballs into the office and I couldn't put the damn things down all day. Apparently they've have been around for awhile, where have I been? The packaging says they're made for adults, so I shouldn't feel ashamed for enjoying them! But of course my gay ass had to go and make them into jewelry and a snappy headband. This reminds me of the Mr. T jewelry set I had as a child... damn, how did my mother not know?


  1. Don't feel bad. I've been around a lot longer than you have and this is the first time I've heard of Bucky Balls. My education only went as far as FF.

  2. aren't you afraid of going um. going cross eyed or getting pregnant or something from all that magnetism?

  3. Well, if I did spontaneously grow a uterus... there could be some benefits. I'm sure it would land me a spot on Oprah. And at least a five page spread in the National Enquirer.