Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sång till Norden

Sweden has given us some amazing gifts over the years... just to name a few: ABBA, meatballs, The Cardigans, Stieg Larsson, Alexander Skarsgård, the Swedish Chef, The Knife, IKEA, Alexander Skarsgård... wait, did I say his name already? It was worth mentioning twice.

Anyways! Robyn is another one of their top notch exports, she's the biggest damn pop star that the world keeps ignoring for some reason. The last entry in her Body Talk series is damn near pop perfection. It takes five tracks each from the first two entries and adds five brand new sparkling songs. She's heartbreaking, she's boastful, she's dewy-eyed, she's tongue-in-cheek, she's a bitch... basically she runs the gamut. And she sells them all with conviction. Get with the program America!

I think Alexander would agree.

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