Sunday, November 21, 2010

Furkle Alert!

Why is it that every gay character on Saturday Night Live is a fey over-the-top stereotype? Sure, those gay people do exist, I've known many of them over the years. I just find it frustrating that they have to play every single one of them exactly the same.

Now for a moment of honesty... I also find them absolutely hilarious. I still laugh my ass off at the Men On Film segments on In Living Color to this day, no matter how offensive. And right now on SNL, Bill Hader gives me a heart attack every time he plays the coked-out club queen Stefon. His inability to keep a straight face during the skits also doesn't hurt. Does this make me a self-loathing gay man? Possibly... And I have yet to go to a club with Furkles, but it sounds like a blast.

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