Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm glad we're all sane!

Let's talk about drugs... better yet, let's talk about anti-drug movies. Is there anything more hilarious? I'm by no means a drug user, just not my scene, but I'm certainly not a prude about them. Here's a clip from an astoundingly bad anti-drug film from the early 1980's. First off, it stars Diana Scarwid (of the immortally bad "I'm not one of your fans!" Mommie Dearest) overacting her ass off once again. It also stars Helen Hunt pre-fame getting high on angel dust and leaping out of a window. And then of course, there's Nina from the Young & The Restless driving her car off of a cliff yelling "weeeeeeee!!!" Did anyone seriously buy this crap?

Also, mad props to the special effects department for that shattering windshield effect. Ace!

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