Saturday, October 30, 2010


It has officially been over five years since The Cardigans have released an album. I can't take it any longer! They are without a doubt my favorite band and the wait is UNBEARABLE. Unfortunately, the divine Mrs. Nina Persson doesn't seem too interested in rushing back (after all, she just popped out her first kid). Not to mention she's been preoccupied with her side-band A Camp. Now, I love A Camp, saw them live in KC and they put on an epic show. I had a chance to meet them afterward; they were all really nice and down-to-Earth, even signed all the shit I brought. But when it comes down to it, even on their best day, they just aren't The Cardigans for me. I guess I'll just keep spinning Gran Turismo, Long Gone Before Daylight and Super Extra Gravity in the meantime...

Here's "Erase/Rewind," one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. Just a perfect fucking record.

And here's "I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer." The song title alone makes it a classic!

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Great Grijalva Charlie Brown!

Every Halloween for the past three years my boss and co-workers have worn t-shirts with my face on them and declared it Great Grijalva Day. One year they even printed posters and put my face on sticks and were "me" for Halloween. I still haven't decided whether to be honored or insulted, but quite frankly, I like seeing people walking around with my face on their shirt. It's the closest I'll ever get to being a "stah!" Here's me rocking the hell out of this year's Great Grijalva t-shirt.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peanut Butter Cupcake time!!!

I'm a pretty good cook but my heart is in baking. It's my bosses birthday tomorrow and she oh so subtly hinted (i.e. asked me to my face) that she wanted some peanut butter cupcakes to celebrate. I try to act modestly, but even I have to admit these things are fraking awesome. Unfortunately they are not on my marathon training nutrition plan, so this is kind of tortuous (I've usually tossed back a few by now). Look how cute they are pre-frosting, like little baby butt cheeks!

 Nom nom nom!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cranberry + Vodka and movies, why not?

Went down to Quaker State to watch the Steelers/Dolphins game with some good friends. Here's me polishing off lucky number four. Sexy ain't it?

I've been meaning to write some movie reviews these past couple of months, but I have so not been in the mood. So here's some quickies:  

The Social Network: I really do not get the overwhelming hype with this one. Is it a good movie? Yes. Is it a four star/A+ film? Not even close. The dialogue, direction, and acting is all on point but Aaron Sorkin completely flubs when it comes to characterization. Zuckerberg comes off as a one-note caricature, absolutely no attempt to humanize him or make him believable. Not that the lead character of a film has to be likable, but there has to be something there for me to follow this character for two hours. I will give Eisenberg credit though, he took that one note and ran with it. Andrew Garfield was the standout for me though (he held the film together IMO) and Armie Hammer was a complete hoot in his dual role. The twin effects in the film are SEAMLESS. Close but no cigar David Fincher!

Easy A: It seems every decade a female driven teenage comedy comes along that absolutely slays. In the 80's it was Heathers, in the 90's it was Clueless and in the 00's it was Mean Girls. It's a little early in the teens to say this is the definitive one, but it's in the running. I love little movies like this that come along and surprise you. It's way smarter than it needs to be and the cast is ace, from Emma Stone (the girls a charmer!) to even the smallest of the supporting cast. Amanda Bynes does hit a few false notes, it's almost like she's in a completely different movie. And Diablo Cody take note! This is how you write teenage dialogue that's witty and not ridiculous and annoying.

The Town: Did I miss something or is this the second decent film Ben Affleck has directed in a row? Color me surprised! And on top of that he actually gives a really strong performance. Boston accents, sexy tracksuits, crazy Jeremy Renner, white trash Blake Lively, blown off dick... all in all an entertaining little heist film/drama. The only fumble is the ending, which rings completely false. After all of this, he moves to Florida and grows a beard? WTF? This film had only one way to logically end and Affleck was too chicken to take it there. But outside of that, it was engaging and well-directed, especially the car chases and the robberies.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm glad we're all sane!

Let's talk about drugs... better yet, let's talk about anti-drug movies. Is there anything more hilarious? I'm by no means a drug user, just not my scene, but I'm certainly not a prude about them. Here's a clip from an astoundingly bad anti-drug film from the early 1980's. First off, it stars Diana Scarwid (of the immortally bad "I'm not one of your fans!" Mommie Dearest) overacting her ass off once again. It also stars Helen Hunt pre-fame getting high on angel dust and leaping out of a window. And then of course, there's Nina from the Young & The Restless driving her car off of a cliff yelling "weeeeeeee!!!" Did anyone seriously buy this crap?

Also, mad props to the special effects department for that shattering windshield effect. Ace!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who doesn't need a cool rider?

A few co-workers invited me to a Grease sing-a-long in Pittsburgh earlier this week. I then had to make the (apparently) startling confession that I think Grease is one of the worst fucking movies of all time. Then I followed it up with the even more shocking revelation that I think Grease 2 is the superior film. Needless to say, I was laughed out of the room.

Come on! Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield are infinitely/undeniably hotter than mousy Olivia Newton-John and gag-me-with-a-spoon John Travolta. And I think the songs are catchier too, "Girl For All Seasons," "Reproduction," "Charades," etc. But the best song by far is "Cool Rider." Preach Michelle! Story of my life.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The new hotness...

Next time you're in the club and don't know what to do... well here ya go! I'm partial to "the basketball" myself. I don't know who you are Diane Horner, but you have my attention.

And can we talk about Susan for a second? Bitch is stealing everyone's shine in this video. Diva!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

R.I.P. Dick

No, nothing perverted. Either you know me too well or your mind is in the gutter! I'm a sucker for 80's R&B and a true legend has passed; Dick Griffey who founded SOLAR Records. I loved a ton of stuff that came out of that label, but my personal favorite has always been Klymaxx (Bernadette Cooper was the Missy Elliott of the 80's, for real). Rest in peace Dick, and to send you out in style, here's "Meeting In The Ladies Room" by Klymaxx. Watch out for that poppin n lockin! It's way too much to handle (and Vivica A. Fox is shaking her ass at 2:35, love it).

And hell, I'll throw in "The Men All Pause" as well.

So glad it's fall...

Fall is here and Winter is right around the corner, so excited! I've never been a fan of the heat, it's one of the main reasons I moved away from Georgia. So I hit up the town "fall style." First up was Apple Fest in Mars, PA. Didn't buy any apples, but I did get some hella cute gourd art for Halloween.

Up next was Soergel Orchards for all the fun fall festivities, pumpkin catapult, hayride, etc. And last but not least, I had to hit up a Steelers game. My Pixie friend Kristy has season tickets and thankfully she dragged me along. Unfortunately we lost to the Baltimore Ravens, but it was still an experience. Look at Kristy all decked out in her Steelers gear, bitch is serious!