Saturday, September 11, 2010


Mom came into town this past week and we hit up Pittsburgh tourist-style. First up, the Carnegie museums of Art and Natural History. They were both chockful of awesome stuff but the layout was a nightmare IMO. They need to knock down a few walls to make navigating a bit easier. Here I am in the land of the lost...

Up next it was time to hit up the Duquesne Incline. The view is breathtaking up there, rhymes with "blamazing."

We also hit up the Strip District and the Riverfront. Last but certainly not least was the Andy Warhol Museum. J'Adore Andy Warhol, how can I not love someone who revels in all things tacky and vulgar? FYI, my middle names are tacky and vulgar. I am also a huge sucker for anything that involves silkscreen printing, so I was in HEAVEN. Must... have... this... in... living... room...

We topped everything off really classy with Resident Evil: Afterlife. The movie was trash (duh!), but of course I loved it. I would consider going straight for Milla Jovovich... only if she talked dirty to me Ukrainian.

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