Monday, August 30, 2010

Maroon 5 who? Adam Levine and those other guys is more like it...

Caught another concert last night! Maroon 5 along with supporting acts VV Brown and Kris Allen. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of any of them, but they all rocked it. We had great "seats" (general admission, standing only, argh) and I like to think that Adam Levine wore this t-shirt just for me. The words "man pretty" come to mind.

Hershey Park... conquered!

Sorry for the long delay in posts, this past week and a half has been a dirty free for all! Conquered Hershey Park, saw Rihanna... and most importantly tapped that Reesey!

Here's the infamous Reesey cup. I tried to pinch his ass, but it was hard to find. The darling pixie wisp on the left is my friend Kristy.

 Here's a pic of Rihanna riding a giant pink tank. Why? Because the bitch can! The show was amazing, she pretty much snatched every wig in the audience.

The park wore me out. The Ferris Wheel is such a good place for a nap.

 One of the cool things about Hershey Park is you get to make your own candy bar. Here's mine coming down the conveyor belt. And here's the finished product...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Reesey Cup... your ass is mine!

A pic to clarify MISSION 2010: while the Hershey Bar and Hershey Kiss are tempting... it's all about that PB Cup. What's sad, I find myself strangely attracted to him. But he could never take the costume off... it would ruin the fantasy.

The Wait Is Ova!

To quote the wise Rihanna (Riri), the wait is ova... for this blog (okay, she didn't actually say that last part, but lets pretend she did). I'm just a broke bitch living in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh. Am I interesting? Not very, but I am a trash entertainment and pop culture junkie and I can't wait to share my opinions/skews. Buckle your seat belts ladies and gents, it's gonna be a relatively safe and boring drive!

Fun note, I will be seeing Riri in concert tomorrow in Hershey. I will also be visiting Hershey Park the day after. MISSION 2010: get a picture with the giant Reesey Cup guy. Pics and reviews to follow.